Maj (Retired) Thomas Spencer Memorial Pilgrimage

February 5, 2022

Our long-time Warriors on the Way followers may remember that in 2020 we declared that the 2020 pilgrimage would be dedicated to Major Thomas A. Spencer (US Army, Retired and Vietnam Veteran – 2 tours), who has consistently sponsored at least one pilgrim per trip.

Because of covid, we could not walk in 2020 so 2021 was dedicated to Maj Spencer. Fr Steve walked a proxy pilgrimage for Maj Spencer. The positive side effect of the memorial pilgrimage being delayed was that it then occurred during this the Holy Year of Santiago.

Maj Spencer had already sponsored a 2020 pilgrim at the time of his death, so in 2021 that sponsorship was deemed divided across the group so that they all carried a bit of Tom’s memory with them.

It was an privilege to make the Camino in his memory.